Airplanes (Wish I Stayed Remix)
All Falls Down (I Love College Remix)
American Gold Digger (Mash-up)
Anonymous (Viva La Vida Remix)
Anonymous (Viva La Vida Remix) [REMAKE]
Apologize (Your Biggest Mistake Remix)
April Mix 2010
April Mix 2011
August Mix 2010
August Mix 2011
August Mix 2012
Ayo Technology (Ghost N Stuff Remix)
Baby (Frozen Remix)
Banner (Guns and Horses Mash-up)
Best I Ever Had (Alohomora Remix)
Best I Ever Had (Avatar's Love Remix)
Brand New (Popular Remix)
Break The Ice (Killa Remix)
Carry Out (Senorita Remix)
Champion (Remix) ft. Lupe Fiasco
Changes (Let It Be Remix)
Clothes Off (One and Only Remix)
Day N Nite (Hundred Acre Rain Remix)
December Mix 2010
Digital Girl (Final Fantasy Remix)
Diva (A Milli Remix)
Divided World
Don't Let Me Go Alone
Don't Stop Believin' In My Love
Don't Wanna Go Home (More Remix)
Dynamite (The Time Remix)
Eenie Meanie (Your Love Is My Drug Remix)
ET (Starry Eyed Remix)
ET (Starry Eyed Remix) with a little bit more Ellie Goulding
Everybody Break A Glass (Save The World Mash-Up)
Everybody Break A Glass (Save The World Mash-Up) [No Dubstep]
February Air (2012 Remix)
February Mix 2012
Fill Me In (Beautiful People Remix)
Finally Found You in the State of Grace (Mash-up),br /> Find Your Love (Hey Soul Sister Remix)
Flashing Lights (DnB Remix)
Forever (Final Fantasy Remix)
Forever (Flipboitamidles Remix)
Forever (In Stereo Remix)
Girls on the Dance Floor (Love Me Or Hate Me Remix)
Give It Up (Zock On Remix)
Gold Digger (Every Girl Remix)
Gold Digger (Fuck You Remix)
Good Life (Love and Joy Remix)
Good Life (Umbrella Remix)
Good Times with a Shuriken
Good Times with a Shuriken (Official Acapella Ver.)
Heartless (Ausserdem Remix)
I Can Transform Ya (Whip My Hair Remix)
I Remember You (Mash-up)
I Gotcha (Sunglasses Remix)
I'll Be In The Sky (Maui Wowie Remix)
If You Seek Amy (Evacuate The Dance Floor Remix)
I Knew You Were Trouble (Flipboitamidles DnB Remix)
Irreplaceable (With You Remix)
It's A New Day (G.R.I.N.D. Remix)
I Want You Back (Bloom Remix)
January Mix 2011
January Mix 2012
July Mix 2010
June Mix 2011
Kiss Kiss (Low Remix)
Knock You Down (Yes Remix)
Last Friday Night (Children Remix)
Let Me Dope Professor Meowingtons
Lie About Us (Leavin' Remix)
Love Game (Orchestra Remix)
Love Lockdown (Passion Remix)
Love The Way You Lie (Pieces Remix)
Love The Way You Lie (Pieces Remix) Different Piano Version
Magik Karpet Ride to the Moon (Mash-up)
Make Her Say (Final Fantasy Victory Theme Remix)
March Mix 2010
Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay (Headlines Mash-Up)
May Mix 2010
My Love for Boots
Never Gonna Give Up on the Promiscuous Girl (Mash-up)
New Divide (A Dream Within A Dream Remix)
Nothin' On You (Go Remix)
November Mix 2011
October Mix 2011
OMG (Victory Korea Remix)
One Day (Young Forever Remix)
Over (Kumori Remix)
Patron Tequila (Don't Cha Remix)
Pirates of Skyrim
Pogo Medley
Power (Salt Skin Remix)
Power (Oh Miah Remix)
Power Run This Town Forever
Purely Imagination ft. B.o.B, Lupe Fiasco, & Jay-Z
Runaway (Waiting for the End Remix)
Runaway (Where'd You Go Remix)
Saviour (Love Story Remix)
Say My Name (Dearly Beloved Remix)
Scream (Get Naked Remix)
September Mix 2010
September Mix 2011
Sexy Back (Gimme More Remix)
Sexy Chick (My Beach House Remix)
Sexy Style (Mash-up)
Simple and Clean (Love The Way You Lie Remix)
Someone To Call My Lover (Let Me Be With You Remix)
Spaz (Church Remix)
Stronger (Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger [Deadmau5 Remix])
Sugar (Check It Out Remix)
Superstar (Rocketeer Remix)
Take It Off, Send A Dirty Picture, and Call Me On The Telephone
Take Over Care (Mash-up)
Telephone (Moon Theory Remix)
Temperature (Fire Burning Remix)
The Human That Got Away
The Way I Are (Face to Face Remix)
This Hummingbird Will Be Your Downfall
Tik Tok (California Gurls Remix)
Tomorrow, the Dead Comes (Mash-Up)
Universal Mind Control (Planet Rock Remix)
Walkin' On The Moon (Drive My Soul Remix)
We Run Naked in the Night
What Goes Around (Exodus '04 Remix) [REMAKE]
What The Misery (Mash-up)
What You Know About Staying Awake? (Mash-up)
Whatever U Like (Knock You Down Remix)
Where Is The Love (The Listening Remix)
Wide Awake in Paradise Dreams (Mash-up)
Who Dat Girl? Helena. (Mash-up)
Without Me (Move, Shake, Drop Remix)
Work (Cornelius Remix)
Yeah 3X (Use Somebody Remix)
Your Love (Find Your Love Remix)
Zock On (Give It Up Remix)

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  1. J.H. says:

    LOVE YOUR MUSIC !! ♥♥ :D

  2. mattswtmn says:

    Do you still have the Ne-Yo Utada So Sick mash-up?

  3. Nimm says:

    Always love your music man! Though I can't find your mix "So amazing".

  4. . . . says:

    It would be nice if you could re-upload your mash-up of ne-yo vs. utada hikaru "so sick" since i enjoy it most and it was the first one I got to hear from you.
    Please continue to do such good mash-ups!

  5. Dj Gallow says:

    That Lupe x Utada mashup is too niiiice

  6. Hey flip, do you think you could create an download link for your October 2012 remix on youtube? I love that whole hour and want to bring it along while biking :)

  7. Kennyb says:

    could you set some links or re-post some of your old work i miss some of the mixes so much :)

    and keep up the good work ! :)

  8. Keep doin' you thing kid, it's always exciting to see what you're going to do next!

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