This time it's a medley of some of my favorite tracks created by the awesome Pogo.

The tracks included in this medley are:

1. Wishery (from Snow White)
2. Alohomora (from Harry Potter)
3. Expialidocious (from Mary Poppins)
4. Buzzwing (Toy Story)

I was initially going to sample only Wishery and make a mash-up out of it (you can tell because I cut up the track a bit), but I couldn't think of anything to mix it with. So I decided to make a medley. So I used the kick, cymbals and snare I was initially going to use for the Wishery mash-up and used it throughout the medley.

This is actually a shorter version of the medley I made. I have an extended version that includes other Pogo tracks which were: Alice, Bangarang, and Gardyn. I omitted them from the video version because I was too lazy to recreate Alice and I couldn't find an HD version of Hook. That version however is incomplete because I couldn't think of a way to transition out of Gardyn, for I wanted to include as many tracks from Pogo as possible. If you would like that version, just let me know! :)

Because some of Pogo's tracks were not in HD, I had to recreate them. I had to recreate all of the tracks except Wishery in HD, which was very time consuming because my computer is too slow to edit HD in real-time.

Hope You Enjoy!

Download the MP3 Here


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