I recently watched Ellie Goulding live and she performed a section of her song "Salt Skin" that mashed up to "Power" by Kanye. It was amazing! They mashed so well!

When I got back home, I wanted to see if I could make my own version with the studio album versions of the two songs. I tried to recreate the drum patterns she made in the live version of Salt Skin, but I'm not much of a drummer so it was tough for me to do it. I did recreate some, but it just sounded weird when mixed with the actual songs. So instead of recreating it, I thought, "Why not just use the live version? I'm using a live acapella of Power, it would work well!" So I edited the live version of "Salt Skin" to mix with the live acapella of "Power" and I think it turned out great!

Hope You Enjoy!

Download MP3 Here!


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